Local bands and Social Media

Happy 2015 to my small band of readers. Hope all is well. This is a blog inspired by a Facebook group called ‘Things Local Bands Do’ and it makes you realise how much of the stuff posted there is actually real. Its pretty scary when you think about it.

I love Facebook. Okay, I’ll rephrase: I love the concept of Facebook, it’s that some people don’t use it for the specific things that Mr Zuckerberg had in mind when he first coded it. We’ve all seen those posts: “1 like=1 prayer”, “share if u fink dis is a discrace!” and so on, and so on, and so on. Great for keeping up with old friends you haven’t seen in ten years or those who live on the other side of the ocean (shout out to the Jam Session guys), not so good if all you see is the riff-raff that you stayed inside to avoid in the first place.

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