Line 6 POD HD400 Review

I’ve never really been a fan of ‘amp modelling’ in all honesty. It has served a purpose in the past for recording and stuff like that, but overall a lot of the time the tones you can get have been a little sub-par. IE- Not as good as a normal valve amplifier.

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The Aidan Millward Signature Fender* Stratocaster

*Okay, it’s not an actual Fender Stratocaster, but this blog entry is essentially a detailed guide to the planning, preparation and building of my Strat that has been at least ten years in the making. Really? That long? I guess it makes sense, I must have been about fourteen when I was on The Complete Telecaster designing and redesigning a Strat or a Les Paul instead of paying attention to what was going on in class. Ah, those were the days- Not having to worry about the mortgage or kids or bills or keeping the car taxed and MOT’d.

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Football Manager- It’s Taking Over My Life Again!

Football, soccer, whatever- It’s the world’s most popular sport, and football management sims were, along with golf games, some of the first ‘proper’ games out there. But why are they so popular? Is it because it gives us an accurate recreation of the tension of real-life football? Or is it because they can be played as a group and become almost like an electronic version of Pokemon Trading Cards.

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The Modes of the Major Scale: Do We Need ‘Em?

No, this isn’t a new weekly/fortnightly thing called Do We Need ‘Em? This is just my way of saying “There has to be a better way of learning these BASTARD things!” Unfortunately, there isn’t. It’s taken me, how long? Ten years just to get this far? Thinking about it, I could do a segment called Do We Need ‘Em? to talk about how STUPID jellyfish are as an evolutionary species.

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Fender Mexican Telecaster Review

The Fender Telecaster is, I reckon, part of the Holy Trinity of guitars. With the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul it is one of the symbols of modern music with such esteemed players such as Brad Paisley, Keef Richards, James Burton and Bruce Springsteen among its list of users. The characteristic twang from the bridge pickup is a stable of country music, making it very popular amongst country guitarists. But that’s not to say it is strictly a country guitar- Joe Walsh’s half of the solo on Hotel California was played on one. Continue reading